I have, for some time, kept the idea of blogging lurking in the recess of my mind. Wrestled with the conceptโ€ฆand truth that the nature of blogs has a bizarre egotistical edge that shouts out READ MY PONDERINGS! So The Blog and I have been eye balling each other for some time now. Both unsure of one another. But over time, and encouragement by friends, I have softened. Welcoming the opportunity to put into writing many of those bubbling thoughts and insights that I journal, mediate or share as a message during my week.

So for all of you who love to contemplate on the real issues of life, relationships and the truth that Jesus liberates us with, I hope these blogs will inspire and encourage. They flow from my experience as a pastor, teacher, mother to 2 energetic boys, wife to a radical and exceptional man. And from my heart as an English woman living in the Netherlands, who loves God and His House with my whole heart.

On occasion I shall step aside and draw in a guest blogger, who will share truth and insights from their own life to enrich the pages of my Blog. I might even attempt a Vlog. Or a bideo as I have affectionately termed them. Either way, I can offer you the reader what I have learned along my journey so farโ€ฆ