Here are some final thoughts around this theme of living with greater Simplicity. Sometimes we just need to step back, learn to release what is superfluous so that we can enjoy this incredible life’s journey we are on without being weighed down by necessary worries and emotional, mental baggage.

1. Determine yourself to appreciate the little things in life. As you get older, you realize those small moments were more precious than you thought at the time. We can miss something we should treasure because in our heads we are caught up with questions that STEAL. “ Do I look ok? Is this looking perfect? Why are they saying that? Why do I have to wait? I really should be doing something else?” Ahhhhhhhh…Simply enjoy your kids when they are young, the walks along the beach at sunset, the road trip with friends…and a thousand other moments ♥
2. Become content with what you have now and rejoice in the way things are. A simple mindset that can actually set you free…
3. Be a simple friend! One who does not complicate friendships by holding grudges, complaining about life, full of hidden motives and high expectation of others. My most precious friendships are those that are simple in nature. Those that do not burden me or leave me feeling confused as to what that person thinks of me. Those that simply love me, laugh with me and stand by me no matter what.
4. If you know that you have a habit of complicating situations in your head (o that’s me!!) or saying the wrong thing in a conversation, just step back in those moments and take a breath. Sometimes we take a simple task or a simple conversation and we throw into them too many questions and expectations and before we know it, we have squeezed the life and joy out of something that was straightforward.
5. Try and make as many pre determined decisions as you can in life. That are based on the values you hold. As a family, we have made many of these from attending church, how we discipline our kids, how we spend our money. We then just simply KNOW what to do rather than debate in our heads the way forward depending on how we FEEL in that given moment of decision.
7. Spend some time decluttering your house. In the words of William Morris “ have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”!! If our homes are full of junk, cupboards that are bulging with STUFF and paperwork that sits dusty on the shelves, it saps time and mental energy in the most subtle ways. I am still working on that one…

Simple thoughts…. profound results. Love to hear your wisdom on the matter….feel free to comment!