When I was but a little girl I dreamt of being an astronaut. Fighting aliens. Flying between planets.
I dreamed of a farmhouse in the hills with chickens and a stallion horse.
I dreamed of being on stage and acting a character other than my own.
I dreamed of traveling through every continent and finding myself.
I dreamed of marrying a rich man who could finance all my private dreams
I dreamed of being 2 feet taller with long legs and curly hair.

Dreams of wanting more. Dreams of making a difference. Dreams that took me to a place of escape. Dreams that made my world bigger, richer, more fulfilling.

Yet on my journey with God, my dreams crystallized. They formed in my spirit.
When I looked at Him and His heart, my dreams stretched and grew and re shaped themselves.
Into God dreams for Him.

Dreams to be a woman of God who could rise up and make a difference.
Dreams to build a House for God that shouts out His goodness to a nation
Dreams to build a community that love and commit to one another in powerful unity. Pulsating with purpose to reach the lost and make disciples.
With wide open arms to embrace every soul.
Dreams to own a fabulous church building. That breathes life, creativity, an expression of all that God is.
Where the presence of God lingers day in and day out.

Dreams that pulled me out of myself and connected me to a vision far bigger, far more supernatural than I can ever comprehend.
Dreams that caused me to dig deep, surrender my all and walk with purpose to the prize set before me.

Together dreams are birthed and realized. They never happen alone. They flourish and rise up with hearts that are intertwined, committed for the distance and sold out to believing that ALL things are possible when we stand as a church and rise up together under an incredible God who unfolds the future as we walk together.

Keep your dream machine alive……ALWAYS. Dare to dream BIG.