One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life….Ps 27:4

Home. Speaks of all the things dear to my heart. Where I am free to be me. Where I relax back into the relationships that I treasure the most and which enrich my life. Where I invest my time, my love and my commitment.

Over the years following God, I have known a deepening revelation and understanding that the House of God carries the same weight in my heart as my own home. Because it speaks of all the things dear to God’s heart. His unending love, His plans for salvation and His desire to build for himself a body of committed people…His Bride…. who love one another with an extreme love.

There is nothing ordinary about church.

You and I come into our FULL potential when we step into a relationship of commitment to the church and away from just a casual affair with it. Jesus died for the church. My church. Your church. I cannot but treasure, love and uphold that which He sacrificed His life for. Even when then storms come. They will never shake me out of that which I have been planted in. Because this life is truly not about me…but about Him.

It is one of the greatest things we can do for Jesus. To turn up at His House. Every week! And serve Him there. Because if we are not giving of ourselves…we are not “owning” the church as our own. That is a ponderous thought….!

When you make a decision to build, invest and sow into the place and people that God cherishes…a radical things happens. Your heart and vision becomes intertwined with others. They become your family and your destiny becomes tied up with them. The truth is- as believers we are called not just to a personal relationship with Jesus. But also a corporate one. Christian life is not about one or the other. It is a beautiful harmony of doing life with God and life with others whom we allow God to knit our heart and soul to.

I have watched so many people who have passed by my world unable to establish themselves in church life due to crippling distrust, unmet expectations of God or others, the inability to bare their heart to others or to move past an offense.

It takes a big person on the inside to stay established in church. And someone who has learnt to die to themselves and pick up their cross to follow Jesus whatever the cost. Dying to our own agendas and priorities, the periodical grudges we hold against another person. Dying to our bad attitudes and our desire to feel we are ‘right’.

Church was never intended by God to be something we personally position in our life around our lifestyle and our other commitments. Because He did not design it as an add on to our lives. Rather- it becomes the central pivot. That calls for some sacrificial decisions at times. But I have only ever seen God bless and enrich my life as I have alignined my heart…and my week…. with loving His House.