I have spent the past few months in preparation for our online Gathering Fearless taking my thoughts continually to the place of expansion. Of how I SEE courage and what it means to be fearless.

And asking myself a host of juicy questions that kick off a search in me for answers that are real.

  • How do we break the root of our different fears?
  • What has to shift within us in order for us to take ground in our lives?
  • Why do we dislike vulnerability and often refuse to let go?
  • How do the masks we wear keep us in a place of fear?
  • How does fear distort and undermine our identity?
  • What does perfect love look like?
  • What is on the other side of courage?

These questions have literally woken me up in the night as the Holy Spirit has whispered a seed of the answer and I have gone to prayer, the Word and my journal to write everything the flows from that seed. If you know me- you’ll know that is my happy spot…

Courage is simply this for me. Choosing to go where I have have never been before, feeling vulnerable BUT holding firmly the hand of my Father. Who loves me perfectly.

Isaiah 41:13 ( NIV)
For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you

Courage is refusing to go underground. Because underground is where you hide from your enemy. It’s where you and I remain in our comfortable place and return to the familiar. It’s burrowing away like a rabbit to the safe place where excuses breed and multiply.

When David went out to face Goliath. He chose courage. He entered an epic battle because he had grown courage in the secret place, slaying bears and lions as a shepherd boy to protect his sheep. He had a conviction that as young and vulnerable as he was, his God would hold his hand and give him victory. He refused to go underground and carry a spirit of fear.

What I love about this story in 1 Samuel 17. Is that you can see what unfolds on the OTHER side of courage. Something awaits us that we cannot predict, plan for or create. Courage is what WE do. The outcome is what GOD creates. As David wins the battle with Goliath- he inspires and leads a whole army, who are willing to go into the bigger war and defeat the Philistine army.

The SPIRIT you and I have been given is not one of timidity which takes us UNDERGROUND and back to fear. 2 Timothy declares that the Spirit we have equips us to TAKE GROUND.

And especially in this season of the unexpected and the uncertain. It takes courage as a believer to rise up and take ground.

It takes COURAGE to ask a neighbour to come to online church.
It takes COURAGE to speak what’s on your heart.
It takes COURAGE to push through the lie that tells you are not worthy.
It takes COURAGE to face your family and forgive them
It takes COURAGE to get back up and complete what you have started when you have fallen over.
It takes COURAGE to do an act of kindness when you don’t know how it will be received.
It takes COURAGE to remain steadfast when you hear a bad medical report.
It takes COURAGE to reach out for help. To let people into your heart.

Why do these require courage? Because in all the above lie our biggest fear. That we are not in control of the outcome. And therein lies the power and beauty of trusting in God’s promises.

So do not let your courage be sabotaged by your thoughts.

That’s just not me
Someone else can do that better
I tried before and I got hurt
What will people think?
It might backfire on me?
There are no guarantees.
I am not strong enough to see it through
I am not ready yet.


Why not me?
I have a big God who grasps my hand in His.
There IS incredible fruit on the other side of this courageous step. I might even inspire others to be more brave.
I cannot control the outcome but I can control how much I trust in His promises.

If you want to live fruitful life. You need to live a courageous life. Be a woman who refuses to shrink back but chooses to take ground. Don’t live with fluffy ears….

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