I cannot remember a time in my life where as nations, we were all hanging onto each day whilst wondering what new change it would hold. I have spent the past few days reading the news, talking and texting a multitude of people and scouring social media. And praying.

And there is one word on repeat:


We are all too conscious of not having enough of something. Scarcity= the state of being in short supply or not enough resources. Whether that be loo roll, tinned tuna or cat litter. YES- my local store had RUN out and my cat has to cross her legs. Poor Sandy. For others that may be the absence of something. Human connection. Hugs are a rare treasure these days. Others are facing a shortage in income. Kids facing a lack of school but seemingly don’t mind. Netflicks, please- can you bring in some new awesome movies as we have watched them all. Some of us face the cancellation of flights, meetings and gatherings. Hospitals, in some countries, face the lack of medical staff.

For all of us- we are staring at uncertainly concerning something in our lives right now. It is humanly natural to focus on lack and what we are limited by at a time like this.

BUT GOD. Is up to something in the chaos.

He is the God of the more-than-enough. The God of abundance. The God who promises to supply all our needs and necessities right now according to the richness found in Jesus. We need to switch on a mind of faith because His hope never runs dry. THIS unprecedented time is EXACTLY the moment to activate all we know of God and His provision.

He has even given many of us a new rhythm. Away from the multitude of tasks so we can SEE each other. A return to the dinner table of conversation. Extra time with our kids ( even though for some that is FULL ON!) Perhaps a little more headspace? He is taking us back to all the things as a church we have been preaching on in message series over the past few months C3Amsterdam and Almere. I am in awe of how He has been preparing us as a people without us knowing it. To navigate the Unexpected, to bring hope to every street, to lean into His Word, to dig into the heart of community and to take this time to fully invest in friendships. So:

What are you giving away to others in this season?

Because In Him- you may not be able to throw a toilet roll over your neighbour’s fence. But you have a fountain of love, a tenacious hope, a firm confidence in the future, prayer that WORKS, healing that is carried on your words and a link to an online service you can send someone! Lean into the Holy Spirit’s whisper as He shares with you someone to encourage. And go and do it. It’s a time of generosity in all it’s wonderful forms.

You ARE more than enough and you HAVE more than enough and I am praying that where you are in real financial provision- you will see the God of the impossible paving a way through your wilderness.

Let’s draw out the gold in this unusual time and make it count for God and His church.