There is one powerful habit I have taught myself. And that is to speak truth statements over my life each morning. I love it. It’s very intentional. It is the substance of the prophetic which personally VOICES the invisible truth in faith. Some days I may feel tired and anxious about what I might face. But I have learnt over the years that prayer and the prophetic breaks the cycle of my negative feelings.

I call it Gold Framing my day. We have a daily choice as to how we frame the circumstances of our lives, the people on our heart, the lost we want to see saved, the health issues we carry, the challenges in our relationships and family. It’s not a ready-made frame given to us. We choose and create it.

We can lean into FAITH or FEAR.

FAITH will create a gold frame around your circumstances that says ‘my God is able’. Faith looks for a heaven’s perspective and knows that there is a stretch in the tension to declare that He has a way through. Faith is aligning yourself with God’s promises when your natural mind wants to disagree!

FEAR will create a black frame that absorbs the lies of the enemy, the doubt that God is good and will draw on the insecurity and negative experiences of your past.

To possess a beautiful mind- it requires you to be continually renewing your mind with GOLD from the Word of God.

So I either walk around my bedroom. Or jump into my welly boots and head for the forest. And I choose to gold frame from the truth I know in His Word. And it never fails to switch on in me the light of my faith. There is something so powerful about hearing your OWN voice speaking over YOU. I find I am confronting myself, and anything negative that has begun to brew in my thinking, with LIFE.

For me it’s a trinity moment ? I value the relationship I have with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the distinctive ways they work in my life. So I gold frame who each one of them is for me.

Father– Thank you for who you are.
This is the day you have made so I am going to enjoy it
You are for me and have gone before me today

My confidence is in You alone and I surrender my life to You
I walk in the mantle of Your strength today.
Jesus- I stand in the finished work of what You have done.
My identity is In YOU alone
I don’t need to strive or stress.

I can handle everything that comes my way because You are my strength and my wisdom
The Holy Spirit is going to lead me into all truth and whisper to me which way to turn.

Then I reposition myself as I speak a gold frame around me

Today I am energetic and creative
I am anointed, empowered and equipped to reach people for Jesus and bear fruit in the lives of others.
My life has huge purpose.
I choose Faith over Fear today because that is the spirit I carry because I am loved.
I am no longer a slave to the old me. Jesus has re written my past.
No weapon formed against me will prosper
I choose to make my mind more beautiful every day by capturing my thoughts.
I live today to bless and love others with seeds of hope.

Even as you read these, they will build faith in you! So I encourage you to take my ones or create your own. I rewrite mine through the seasons so you can keep shaping them as you go. Start getting into the Word and personalizing it so you can create proclamations that will tear down your black frames of fear with the gold frame of faith. It is a habit that will change your life!