I have come away from our first fabulous Beautiful Minds Gathering with an even greater passion to explore more thoroughly the spirit-soul-body connection. It completely fascinates and energises me and I am utterly convinced that to develop a beautiful and strong mind, you must first understand how intricately you are wired together by God.

So I am stepping out to write a series of connecting blogs under the title Renewing Your Mind. Starting with the spirit-soul-body connection. So stay tuned!

You and I are made in the image of God as a triune being. As He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit- so we carry a distinct triune connection within us: body- soul- spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 could not make it simpler:

May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

You are absolutely 100% certified unique. No one else has that incredible mind of yours. No one has a replication of your body. ( Haha- thank goodness I say!) and no one possesses the same dynamic mixture of personality, character and gifting as you have. And yet in Jesus- we all carry the same brand new identity re- created in our spirit by His powerful work on the cross.

As I have begun to explore this connection over the past year, taking time to study scripture and dig deep into the powerful spiritual and invisible dynamics that take place between body-soul-spirit; I have been increasingly aware that I have spent years not fully empowered in my thinking. Why? Because I have not appreciated deeply enough the incredible way God has created me in my inner being. My spirit can feed my mind which is then empowered to think higher thoughts, which can determine my emotions and subsequently the choices I make. And my physical body is wrapped up in this connection. It’s amazing!

Having pastored, trained and developed women over 2 decades- I feel there is often a missing link in understanding the depth and beauty of what Jesus has done for us in our spirit. And then knowing HOW we sync our minds to those treasures so that we live our lives OUT of them. No single part of our being stands in isolation. We are intertwined so beautifully and we need to fully appreciate this in order to live an empowered and transformed life which honours God.

Beauty is found when your mind is illuminated by the God- truths in your spirit

I have been experiencing a whole new spiritual depth and perspective unfolding in my life as I take this filter of identity and renewing my mind into my every day life. It’s taken me back to my absolute love of His Word and it’s innate power to recreate my life.

I challenge you to take yourself deeper into the renewing of your mind and His power made available to you which can take you to a whole new level of victory.