We are created to be impartational people.

I find that God’s word consistently reminds us that we are born again as spirit people therefore we are called to explain “spiritual realities with Spirit- taught words” (1 Corinthians 2:13). The Spirit of God imparts life and that our words, like those of Jesus, are to be full of spirit and life.

Our default, however, can be to communicate truth from our head rather from our spirit. We forget that we are actually transmitters. We are those who pass on something of value, of abstract quality, to others. We are channels through which the spirit flows.

To impart is to deposit something of our own revelation and depth of Holy Spirit experience into the heart and spirit of someone else. My heart has always been to preach, teach, counsel and communicate spirit to spirit. Rather than from my head knowledge to your head space! I desire that you capture my real heart and my spirit-life not just my words. I want to impart vision not share it. We live in an age where people are hungry for authenticity. Therefore we need to understand the power of importance of impartation.

I have increasingly learnt to lead myself from a different zone. I can over think, second guess myself and find my own thoughts confusing! At times I can give space to wrong thoughts that contradict what I actually know deep down is true. But when I stop and allow the Holy Spirit room, I find myself tapping into something deeper and of greater substance. I cannot lead as a pastor from my head or emotions. I have to lead myself and others from my place of revelation and insight. And by my faith, which is not created in my head. It is stirred and birthed in my spirit where revelation lives.

I truly believe that the revival we so long to see in our churches will be stirred by a life giving spirit of unity. That runs deep. In our church, we teach that it is not opinions or preferences that will ever build the church. But a profound unity. That we learn to surrender the ‘I’ for the sake of the ‘we’ so that we form one unit, one body, one harmonious family:
“Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind”. (Philippians 2:2)

Unity looks and feels like this to me: That I see what you see. I feel what you feel. That I love what you love. That I serve what you serve. That I submit like you submit. That I hunger for God like you hunger for God. That I hold fast to this vision as you hold fast to this vision. THAT is beautiful harmony. Which creates intimacy. And I believe that the more you choose to step into unity, the deeper your friendships will become. Bringing life to you.

If you desire to be more impartational- here are some easy truths to remember:
• Go to your place of revelation. Not your place of head knowledge.
• Go to your place of faith. Not your place of reason.
• Go to your place of wisdom not your place of opinion.
• Go to your place of grace not your place of judgment.

And above all else – work on keeping your heart right. Else we impart to others out of an unhealthy spirit which breathes the opposite of life.

Communicate spirit to spirit. Lead people spirit to spirit. Pray with people spirit to spirit. Impart life.