I created this poem to capture the heart of the woman in Mark 5 who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years. Her pain- her faith- her stretch- her healing. A remarkably brave woman…..


She hovered in the shadows of her life
Weighed down by years of pain
Crushed by disappointment
Mourning for lost dreams
Afraid of the crowds
Unclean and hidden from view
Tired and worn out from waiting
A shadow of the woman she once was

Yet that day. When He came
A surge of faith so audacious rose in her heart
To dare to do the impossible
The unacceptable
The unthinkable
To touch a man while she bled
To touch the Son of God.

She pushed through her fear
The shadows of darkness
And every obstacle that stood against her
She found him as she searched for Him
In total silence she stretched out in the unseen realm
She stretched out her trembling hand to him
Catching the fringe of his cloak
And entered a sacred moment
Creating a freedom miracle of her very own
Which transformed her life

He stopped.
Turning around in the throngs of people
Searching for her
For this woman who drew out his anointing
With her heart of faith

She fell trembling at his feet
Her story unfolding
In the shadow of her Saviour
And hears those beautiful words Spoken over her life
‘Daughter- your faith is what healed you.
Arise. Go in peace. You are free from your shadowlands.
Your shackles are gone.
I have turned your pools of tears into pools of blessing, your sorrow into joyful dancing.’