Lift up your eyes

In Colossians 3:1 Paul urges us not to shuffle along with our eyes to the ground, absorbed with just the things in front of us. But to ‘look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ- that’s where the action is. See things from HIS perspective’ (the Message)

Working out our salvation is largely about understanding how incredible and real the new nature God has placed within us is, and then THINKING and behaving in alignment with it. Our sinful nature is cut away and we have a new spiritual DNA. We are called to put to uproot and sever everything from our old life that is connected with death and darkness. Because EVERYTHING about us has been RAISED up. Our identity, our vision, our purpose, our self worth. And our thinking needs to follow…..

What you focus and think upon on is what will supremely shape you. Hence the need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Raising our thinking from earthly mindedness to thinking God thoughts.

Our thoughts take us somewhere. Negative, angry, jealous, defeated, fearful thoughts take us on a journey down the wrong pathway. Which is why Paul says in Romans- SET your mind on what the Spirit desires.

Controlling our thought life is a choice and it’s not all easy as we default to old patterns of thinking. The answer: our connection and relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is our connector to heaven. His role is to direct your eyes to look up and remind you of who you really are. He is your BUT GOD.

So when you feel defeated in your mind:

BELIEVE and be convinced you have a NEW nature and the old you is buried. Else you will always live with defeated thoughts

Make a choice. To let the Spirit of God within you take control and lead your thinking.

Allow the Spirit to interrupt and intercept your thoughts. Else they take root. Take those negative thoughts hostage from running free! Capture defeated thoughts about yourself. This is your battle with your enemy and you have the power to WIN!

Tap into the power of the Spirit within you. Take time. Allow Him to remind you of God’s Word, meditate on whatever is true and remember who you are and whom you are called to represent.

You are MORE than a conqueror!