She stands
Exuding an undeniable presence
To those who cross her path

Leaves of brilliant green
Branches bent with sweet fruit
An immovable trunk of stature
A home for the birds of the air
Adventurous children
Shade for the weary traveller

She fears no season
For she knows each carries a purpose
She sends her roots down deep and wide
Faithfully tapping into all that’s good below
Securing her in the soil of richness

She knows her secret to success
The key to every season
In the dark cold days
When gusts of sharp wind seek to topple her
She extends her roots in hidden places.
Stretching…. seeking…
Pursuing the food that sustains her
Anchoring herself
Into the soil where she was planted

In the warm summer sun
She bears her abundant fruit
And attractive flowers
A blessing to passers by
The sweet produce
Of hidden roots in rich soil.

She does not stand alone
She sees dawn to dusk
With the trees planted around her
Their roots intertwining
Absorbing the goodness of the soil
Growing together toward the sun

Those who admire her height
Her beauty
Her foliage of freshness
Who stand in her presence and smile
Will never see that her depth…
Is her crowning glory

She is a Colossians Tree
Confident in her roots
Her life hidden in her Creator
Bearing fruit in every season.