My head and heart are in the most wonderful space. Planning, dreaming, discussing, imagining, praying over our 2014 Everywoman Dutch Gathering for our C3 Churches. 12 days away…

I am convinced of this: that there is so often untapped power in gatherings of Christian women. I have been a pastor for many years and I am so acutely aware
of the secret worries in the hearts of women when they meet together. The fluffy and soft haze of perfume and conversation. The edge of female competition. The foreboding anxiety…will you be able to connect and click with others? Wondering what other women think of you. Hoping you are embraced for who you are not who you are trying to be. The vulnerability off carrying fresh wounds and pain into a female only environment! Eek…

Unknowingly, many women forget that deep down we all carry those same doubts and inhibitions at different points of our life. And we all have a desire in us to want to be known.

There are untold riches and strength in coming together as women in order to learn from each others journeys and hear how God has woven His goodness into our lives. Across the generations. There is a sacredness in committing ourselves to others in order to do life together and determining ourselves to grow past and beyond the inadequacies we feel as women.

There is nothing like feeling His love together, being inspired together, facing our giants together, praying over each other together, standing together and declaring that nothing is impossible with God before you and great women around you.

If you live in the Netherlands- don’t miss this opportunity!! ☺☺
Carve out time for yourself to hear God just for you. Whilst being surrounded by an army of loving, vivacious and awesome women. You may just position yourself for beautiful new friendships. And a whole lot more….