Jesus looked at Peter. And asked:
“Do you love me?”
“Do you truly love me?”

I heard that same whisper settle into my heart
As I walked in autumnal leaves
” Tell me that you love me….
I long to hear it as words from your lips
Tell me you love me being your Father
That you love me just for who I AM”

So I did
I showered God with my love
Telling Jesus I loved Him for His sacrifice
And the Holy Spirit for His presence

Realizing again how easy it is
To just love God for what He does
Thanking Him when He breaks through
Being with Him because I need something from Him

But Jesus gently asks
“Do you love me
Simply for who I am
And what I represent in your life?
Never lose the precious reason
Why you build my kingdom
It starts and ends with the beautiful truth
That I first loved you
And you love me”.