I have been contemplating a single thought recently. That we can spend so much time and energy on things that don’t matter-we often fail to focus on what does matter. What are the true things that really matter in all areas of our life? How can we live with a simplicity that defines our life?

Paul writes in Ephesians , ‘…throw off your…former way of life…let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes’ (4: 22-23 NLT).

It’s all about being renewed, getting rid of all the emotional and mental clutter in our lives. You and I can escape to a log cabin in the mountains and try and relieve life’s pressures, busyness and baggage. But true Simplicity is something you need to cultivate daily within and around yourself.

So I have outlined a bunch of thoughts and tips that have been guiding me into a simpler way of doing life. Some are huge…and take real perseverance to breakthrough in 🙂

1. Remember what your One thing is in life. My one thing, above all else in life, is to know Jesus and make Him known. My heart is to keep that central in all I do and think, which continually brings perspective when times get tough and big decisions have to be made.
2. Know that Jesus is enough. He truly is. If everything else falls away, when relationships are not working, when bad news lingers – He is still enough for you.
3. Take situations or conversations that are difficult and that need wisdom straight to God first, before you talk to others and spend hours wrestling with them! Learn to leave things with Him and trust that He will work for you and will give you the wisdom you need.
4. Forgive an offense quickly else your heart can get clogged up with frustration and bitterness which leads you to build walls and not bridges between you and others.
5. Allow God to deal with your emotional baggage from the past. Your disappointment, unanswered questions, the pain you have faced. Else they fill your mind and hold you back. They drag our spirit down and continually force us to look backwards and not forwards. They prevent you from simply enjoying the here and now and hold you captive from walking in the simple freedom Jesus has for you.
6. Learn to say no. I have learnt that to simplify my life, I have to stop always saying YES! If you are a people pleaser saying No can be difficult, but you are in danger of filling up your time with commitments you cannot fulfill and that take you away from what you really should be doing.

Some golden nuggets that I hope bring some inspiration.
Part 3 is on its way….