I have been seeking God over the past few months to help me simplify my life. I love the word Simplicity. It denotes clarity, inner beauty, purity, knowing your focus, appreciating the small things in life. Gerbera flowers remind me of simplicity. I love them because they are so natural, clean lined and classy. Strikingly beautiful because they are simple and void of fussiness. Their cheerful faces always make me smile.

At the core of living a life of simplicity is being content with what you have and rejoicing in the way things are. It’s making the decision to sit at His feet like Mary and not race around continuously with distraction like Martha. Simplicity is stripping out of your life the things that detract you from focusing on the one thing that truly counts.

In Luke 10 Jesus speaks into the world of Martha. Words of truth that, I believe, would have changed her life: 10:41 ‘there is only ONE THING worth being concerned about Martha. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken from her’

Jesus knows there are many things you and I could be concerned about. But only one thing worth being concerned about. And that is learning to be in His presence, knowing that He is enough and therefore not be endlessly distracted and consumed by the things in life that take us away from this very truth.

Sometimes we need to step back when life gets too complicated, too overburdened or fast paced and identify ways with God to simplify our daily life. Life itself is not always complicated, but our approach to life can become complex. I am all too aware of my complexities! The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go and allow things to fall away from your life that are not necessary or helpful. So as to streamline our lives. So over the next 2 blogs, I am going to outline some things that have God has shared with me in the hope that may inspire you in living with simplicity and a greater sense of freedom…..