Finding myself on my knees again
In awe of who You are. Your Holiness.
Yet not comprehending your ways
Clinging onto my dreams
My disappointments. My uncertainty.
Yet knowing in the deepest part of me
That you see my life from its dawn to its dusk
You know how to mould me to trust you
You see where I am blinded by my humanness
And You are planning greatness for me when I am shrouded by my circumstances

My spirit tells me to yield to you
But my pain and confusion urge me to fight
Until I look into your face. My King
And feel humbled by your overwhelming love. Your smile
Your grace that floods my soul
And your sacrifice that sets me free

So I die to myself all over again
Picking up my cross to follow the One who leads me into all truth
Surrendering, releasing myself to an Almighty God who holds the keys to my future

Letting go of my sorrow that has broken me
My agendas and dreams that have driven me
My desire to be in control that has limited me
My female stubbornness that has blinded me.

So that You can draw out of me the woman you handcrafted me to be.
Hallmarked by inner beauty
An Unstoppable Faith
A Heart that trusts you
And Feet that will follow you wherever You lead….