“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you” Psalm 39:7

Many things do I expect in the course of a season:
The thunder storm in the heavy summer heat of twilight
The unfurling of sweet blossom as Spring reveals herself.
The drifting snowflakes lazily falling from grey dusty clouds
The blackbird who frequents my wall nightly at 6 and chirps out his beautiful song.
My baby formed in secret places entering the world ONE way or another
My birthday to be filled with smiles and love wrapped around me and making me feel extra special.

I find and seek in the natural
I look for the things that I just know simple follow patterns
Ordained by You

Oh God
Keep my spiritual eyes expectant
Keep the eyes of my heart enlightened
To look for you at work in every corner of my life. My family. My church.
That the Spirit of You within me would yearn and cry out
To see you move, restore, re- ignite, resurrect, re -create
That which needs your touch and your breath of life.
Water those seeds you have sown deep within me.
I yearn for those encounters with You
That fill me with hope overflowing….