God’s House…my house

The warmth, buzz and synergy of people connecting; the beautiful sound of laughter and relaxation. An atmosphere and vibrant culture brimming with music, energy and life. Smiles and warm hugs. The lonely being embraced. Passion for God evident and infectious. Prodigals, strangers and friends are anticipated and welcomed like they have come home.  Where people are remembered and valued. A safe place, filled with hope and inspiration. Where different cultures mix and connect. Languages intermingling. The Holy Spirit flowing like a river: loving, convicting, empowering. Beautiful hosts positioned to smile, connect, care, embrace. The smell of excellent coffee.  A lingering atmosphere that makes others feel at home. Feeling His tangible presence in His House. The youthful, passionate and gorgeous faces of the next generation. Standing next to those older who have gone before them and paved the way. Seeing people serving out of a heart of love and commitment. A place where faith is nurtured and released into open hearts. Where destinies are unlocked and great friendships are birthed. Where leadership is honoured and appreciated. A vision which is alive, purpose filled and captivating. Where I see the goodness of God all around me and His power to affect lives and change them. Truth is upheld and cherished.  Where grace is real and creates space for people to spiritually breathe and find healing. A people with a real heartbeat that mirrors God’s own. Whose desire is a pure heart and pure hands before Him. A place where I feel treasured, loved, valued and built up on the inside.
Where I feel @ home.