Is found completely in you.

When I feel something’s missing in my soul.

I meditate on the truth

That I am fully complete in you, I lack nothing.

In you, my cup overflows.


On the days my past catches up with me

Seeks to haunt me of my former self….

I speak out that I AM a handcrafted new creation

The precious blood of Jesus separates me from what once was.


When someone rises up against me and pierces my heart

I remember that I am fully pleasing to you and that you fight for me


When the storms of life crash through my soul

I am assured that everything works out for me with You.

Because you love me. Unconditionally and forever.

The work you have begun in me…you WILL finish!


When I find myself failing and struggling to stay on top

I declare that I am an overcomer, a champion of champions!


When I feel that creeping isolation and feeling alone in my world

I shout out. I can never be separated from your extravagant love.

You will never turn your face from me nor push me away.


When the devil whispers that I am ineffective… I resist.

Because I am the sweet aroma of Jesus

A beautiful letter to be read

A passionate ambassador to the living God

Chosen and appointed to GO and bear fruit.


When I run out of all energy

And feel I have nothing left to give

Your word reminds me that I can do ALL things through Jesus

He gives me the very strength I need


When I want to shrink back avoid those steps of faith

You correct my thoughts. Because I have a spirit of confidence,

Of power. Of enlargement


When I have stuffed up and betrayed who I am

I am ever grateful that I am righteous in your eyes

I stand in your forgiveness and grace that washes over me. Now and always.