Out of my journaling flow the poems that reflect the significance of who God is for me. And who I really am. A poem blog.

I cannot fathom
This paradox of grace
A grace that is so extravagant.
Covers my wrongs. My weakness. My mess.
A grace that saves my very soul
It cannot be bought. Or earned.
A free piece of You… a gift that never runs out

And yet. The Paradox.
You require my everything
My heart, my soul, my body.
I am saved by this grace
Yet I am crucified with Christ. And you still call me to pick up my cross.
And deny myself. Every Day.

I disappoint myself
When I fail to realize
How Your heart breaks
When I misuse Your Grace
When I handle her insensitively
When I push her boundaries
When I excuse my behaviour again and again

Spirit of God
You are The One
Who opens my eyes
Who sets my course
You help me establish my inner boundaries
You teach me to live from the inside out
To live by godly restraints from within
That in the most amazing way
Enable me to be free
You guide me
To control my inner world of habits and desires.
My waywardness.. My selfish thinking.

Holy Spirit within me.
I cry out to you.
Lead my soul.
Lead me out of sinful ways.
Lead me into all Truth.
Lead me to the Cross.

Show me how to honour God’s grace.